Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Basics Of An Avon Fundraiser

One of the easiest ways for an Avon Representative to achieve president club or a higher level is by throwing an Avon fundraiser. I have heard of people who made $3000.00 in sales in a single event.

The biggest advantage of an Avon fund-raiser is selling useful products from a nationally known brand name that people will love spending money on. Parents would rather purchase bubble bath, sunscreen, lotion, seasonal gifts, and other needed products instead of over-priced candy.

There are two types of fund-raisers you can offer. The single page flyer, with easy to sell products on one side and an order form for on the other side. Or a full-brochure event, showing all the products.

An Avon fund-raisers provides a 40% profit on the total dollar sale of Avon products sold by your charity. You can give the whole 40% to the group or less. Many choose to give 30% so that they are compensated for their effort.

In order to achieve the 40% profit, your group would need to sell a minimum of $1,500.00 in Avon products. If your group’s sales total were below $1,500 you would earn the following profits:

Total Sales Percentage of Earnings

$0 - $249--20%
$249.01 - $40--25%
$401.01 - $850--30%
$850.01 - $1,499.99--35%
$1,500 and up--40%

As you can see by the enclosed chart it would only take 10 people selling $15 worth of Avon products to 10 customers to reach total sales of $1,500 and the 40% earnings profit margin.

If you are an Avon Representative who has done a fundraiser please comment below. I would like to interview some representatives and do a full post.

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