Friday, February 18, 2011

Are You The Reason You're Not Getting The Prospect?

The First Commandment of a Avon Representative

"Any Prospect Is A Good Prospect"

The mindset by which you approach a prospect determines the final outcome more than Anything Else you do. Therefore, your fame of mind should be friendly, confident, smiley, self-assured, enthusiastic, positive, and completely prepared. On your mind? You should be thinking about the customers. 

That's a great commandment but what do you do when you wake up late, have a nine o'clock appointment and still have to drop your teenager off at school? Your mindset is negative, unsure, nasty, and unprepared.
The first step in the process of changing your belief system is to monitor your thoughts. And the next step is to control them through the power of choice.

According to a study "self-talk" is 150-300 word per minute. And it is thought that 40% of the messages in your mind are negative and self-critical. What you can do is choose to reframe your negative thought, and choose to let the voice in your mind talk about happy things.

Choosing to change your mind changes your attitude. We all have days when we believe we will not get the prospects and there is really no reason to go out and prospect for customers and downline.

You will always have to deal with difficult, awkward and unresponsive people. When this happens to you, do not dwell on it and sink into despondency. Instead just forget about it, move on and start all over again.

In addition, you set the tone for the outcome with enthusiasm, attitude and by putting your belief system into place. Thinking you will get the prospect is dependent on your self-confidence. In return, self-confidence is based on your preparation.

We need to learn about our world everyday. And learning about our techniques will enable us to give ourselves those confident thoughts.

“Every Prospect is Good Prospect”

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