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Diary of a Mad Avon Lady was created because I found so few websites out there to help Avon Representatives with their businesses. Don't get me wrong, there are some good ones. And there are many websites that provide information on products. But I wanted to do a blog just for Avon Representatives.

So, on January 1, 2011 I started this blog where reps could learn tips and techniques to run their Avon business. I have always wanted to teach adults. And with my passion for all things Avon I began researching and writing.


On my site, Avon Representatives can come and get tips and techniques about all things Avon, sales, direct marketing, internet marketing, and social media networking. I also encourage you to click to follow Diary of a Mad Avon Lady at the right side bar or send a friend request on facebook (see below). Please go the the right and hit all the social media sites to get the word out to other Avon Representatives about this blog.

I would like to build a community of representatives helping each other to take Avon from a 9 billion dollars a year to 100 billion a year. Please comment on the blogs, let's start a dialogue to work together.


    The mission of this blog is provide tips and techniques to teach you skills for how a Avon Representatives can perform all parts of their business with more efficiently. And grow there business so they can retire early.

 My Avon Business

 My business is called Angie's Avon. I started it a year and half ago. I made president in 7 months since that time. I am working towards honor society. I do very well in sales, and will share all my secrets with you.

The mission of Angie's Avon is to provide personal products, fashion, and gifts with the finest of service and a money back guarantee.

My Other Avon Blog

Once I started this blog I was addicted. I have another blog "A Business Women Story" that is more like a magazine. There I discuss issues that involve Avon Representatives lives and minds. I share all my thoughts on living my life as a Avon Representative in the in the USA. This is were I post my quarterly goals.

I am doing a post series right now on a time management system I created for representatives called "A Time Management System for Avon Representatives." It is the system I am teaching to make you more productive. Managing your time and setting your goals, I believe are the way to success. 


In The Near Future

When I was in the 5th grade I started the process of setting goals and writing them down. This is a habit that I do every day for 20 minutes or shorter.

By doing this for 25 years, I have come to be effiecient manager of my time. And would like to help others be better time managers. Since I am happiest when I am writing, I am going to launch 2 new blogs. One on goal setting for all business women. And one on time management for business women.

"Time Management for Smart Business Women," is intended to help business women learn a time management system to make them more efficient in how they spend their time. Based on how you use your time. And because of how you organize your personal life, business life and you enviroment. Results in how prorductive you are. And I have found productivity leads to success.

I am also launching "Goal Setting for Business Women" a site intended to get business
women passionate about working on and reviewing their goals everyday. I hope to teach you the skills and knowledge to want tospend a little time each day planning for what you need to do next.

I am calling my blogging business "Angela's Blogging Empire." I have already got the domains for 2 additional blogs. One where I hope to teach my blogging method. And one to feature informational produts. I have also been collecting information on self-esteem and confidence to have a blog on that topic some day.

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