Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Marketing Tip For Avon Representatives--A Limited Time Offer

Marketing Tip For Avon Representatives:
Limited Time For Motivation

A limited time offer can often move the skeptic customer and procrastinator from prospect to buying customer. Since putting a deadline on an offer frequently will move that hesitant person to action. Try making Avon coupons.

For Example A Coupon:

Angie’s Avon Special
Buy 2 Perfumes, Get One Free!
Before the End Of Campaign 7
Mix or Match
Less Value Will Free
Your name
Independent Avon Rep.

Try this with any special for example: 15% off a order or Buy One, Get One Free of (any item).

To make the coupons just create a document with 2 columns. Write out your coupon with any fronts, colors, or script. Add a image if you can. Copy and paste several on on sheet of paper. Print them out and cut them.

Have you used coupons for your Avon Representative business before? Comment! Let everyone know what your did and what the results were.

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