About Angela Gibson

I am Angela Gibson, an Avon Representative, and I’m dedicated to providing outstanding tips and techniques to other Avon Representatives on all things Avon, sales, direct marketing and social media networking on my blog Diary of a Mad Avon Lady. My other blog, “A Business Woman’s Story,” is like a magazine for representatives that covers the life and mind of a Avon Representative.

I have been with Avon this time for a year and a half. I call my Avon Representative business “Angie’s Avon.” My first attempt at having a Avon business was in the early 21st and failed because of lack of ambition. After moving back to the Greater Cincinnati areas I start another Avon business determined to succeed. This time I made president club in 7 months. I now tell everyone “you can make as much as you want with Avon as much as you put into it” with effort and resources.

Before my first Avon business I was a private nanny and worked for my own company.
I had learning disabilities as a child in reading and spelling. I also dealt with speech classes for a year. My passion for writing started early. The first work I was proud of was a poem called “The Virgin in White” when I was 12 years old. I have produced material in several forms of writing; poetry, short stories, political opinion papers, ect.

While I was in college at Kent State University, University of Cincinnati and IUPUI I majored in political science. However I went an extra year taking classes in many subjects. I know then I wanted to write for the rest of my life. After college I produced and tried to publish many poems which were lost in a fire.

My mission with “Diary of a Mad Avon Lady” is to provide Avon Representatives with tips and techniques to help them succeed in a areas of their Avon business.


The other blog “A Business Woman’s Story” is a magazine for Avon Representatives that discusses all the issues reps deal with in their lives and says “what’s on a Avon Representative mind.”

A little more about me

I live in Blue Ash within the Greater Cincinnati area, Ohio with my family. I take care of my mother who is a disabled. I love to be on the computer to the point where everyone including the dog, Josielynn, is feeling neglected. I am now starting to get a posting schedule down of up-dating Monday-Wednesday-Friday, once a day on both Avon Representative blogs.

In The Future

I am launching 2 new blogs on April 15, 2011. The first is “Time Management for Smart Business Women” in which I will teach business women a time management system that will make them more productive and efficient in the personal and business lives.
The Second is “Goal Setting for Business Women” a website intended to get business women into the habit of reviewing and revising their goals everyday.


I also have in the works Another! Blog “Learn to Blog By Angie.” This blog is still in the planning stages.
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