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What This Avon Representative Does For Direct Marketing

For a Avon Representative business running a direct mail campaign here are many attractive features. You can buy a list in your surrounding zip code to target those prospects who are close to you. You can start out by send out only a small size of literature to see what the response will be.

This enables you to stop the campaign if response is too low or find out if it will be high. If it’s just you working your Avon Representative business are you going to be able to handle all the requests for brochures if the response is very high?

In addition, a direct mail campaign is faster than a advertising campaign. You will know if the direct mail campaign is effective in a short amount of time, within a week. The costs are low if researched and planned right.

Since it is cost effective you can test the response to different types of literature sent out. You can also target the same groups over and over. This is idea since it is said that it takes people an average of 7 exposures to your business for them to finally inquire and buy.

I have been asked by another Avon Representative, Brenda, to do a blog post on my postcard direct mailing campaign and my Try-Avon-On-Me Baggies that I mentioned in my post on my up-dated goals. I love being asked to write about something and I will happily share all the ways I prospect for customers.

When I signed on to do Avon my upline told me to get business cards at I love stationary products and after I viewed vista and all their great deals I fell in love with site.

Over time I notice that you could do a postcard direct mail campaign through their site. I first paid to send out postcards I had created to 100 people.

I then realized that sells lists of people based on zip codes. I thought “it would be cheaper if I got the 100 postcards for free.” (You pay for shipping). Then send them out on my own.

I bought the list and got the several 100 postcards. I then thought of asking a customer of mine who has free time if she would like to fill them out. In return, I would pay her by giving her free Avon products and letting her order out of my What’s New book. She agreed and has become a best friend.

On the cards, I offer either a free gift, product that is least priced is free. Or 15% Off. I have found several customers this way. I like paying a little extra money to do this campaign because tossing is so hard to do in the winter.

I’m not knocking tossing. There is nothing like getting a full-color brochure in the hands of a prospective customer. Really, the costs are only a little more than buying a few 100 brochures. However, stamps can kill you. 
Another thing I have always done is make up bags of samples with a trial size sample or 2 chap sticks, a magnet business card (which I got from vista and I have found they are more likely to be kept by the prospects since they can display it in their kitchen), and a postcard/coupon.

I have always given these out as a welcome gift to new customers. Recently, I have started handing them out periodically with a brochure to anyone who is interested and may buy Avon. I call them Try-Avon-On-Me Baggies.

I get most of my samples from Avon Representatives going out of business on Ebay. If you do this make sure it is cost effective per unit. Many people are selling samples for more than Avon does.

Also make sure you are not getting a discontinued product. I always get my trial sizes directly from Avon when I find them on sale in the brochure, outlet or flyers.

I have talked about how you need to be using trial sizes on both my Avon Representative blog. On this blog the post is called “Why You Should Be Using Trial Sizes” go here to see it:


A new campaign that I have started is placing brochures in what’s new bags on the bulletin board at my grocery store.

What do you do to prospect for customers? Share your secrets!

Will you try any of my ideas?

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