Sunday, January 2, 2011

Social Media And The Phrases You Are Hearing

There is a new way information on Avon products is being shared and you need to get in on the "conversation". Many people today are basing their buying decisions on what they read on "facebook", "twitter", and "blogs".

While the popular press think the information received during "social networking" is trivial, for example people are only saying what they had for lunch. People are relying on "word-of-mouth" when they are making a buying decision. There are lots of "conversations" talking about Avon, you need to join in to ultimately sell to your customers needs.

"Social media" websites and applications are inexpensive and accessible for everyone who wants to publish "content" on the web, or are looking for information. In addition, there is a growing number of useful ways you can use "social media" websites and applications for your business referred to as "inbound marketing". "Inbound marketing" allows you to promote your Avon Representative website and offline efforts, but the secret is you must do it without appearing to be doing any marketing all.

How Do We Do "Inbound Marketing"

By engaging in "social networking" you can reach the goals of effective 'inbound marketing"; providing valuable (you will hear "value" a lot), accurate, and up to date information/"content" on a "on-going" basis for your customers. By doing this you will create marketing insight or a desire in your customer's mindset to buy your goods. Also you will build "social authority" and establish yourself as an expert in the "conversation" going on between people. As they say you will "net" or snag the people's attention  and "hub" or send them back to your Avon website.

"Social media" will also allow you to understand your target audience. You are able to ask and answer questions. 

You want to participate in social media sites everyday and update your status. When you do this, you allow search engines, such as "google", to pull you up first when a person searches for Avon Representative. This is called "SEO" or "search engine optimization".

Once you have built a "relationship" with people, you can offer them something they would want, your products and services. Finally you can then track and measure your efforts to see what is working, and cut out those that are not working.

To appear as a "guru" your "inbound marketing" should skillfully provide information with your key objectives. Also, on these websites you can watch what everyone else is doing and see if their methods work or not.

"Inbound marketing" is working for others because it has gives you the chance to reach a large number of people.

        There are 190 million people on twitter, 519 million users of facebook,  and 115 million on Friendster, just to name the big ones.

Goals Of "Inbound Marketing"

1. target specific prospective customers with a one-on-one message

2. Build a relationship

3. Finally introduce them to your products.

The tools of "social networking" are forums, email, blogs. micro blogging--ex. twitter, wikis, podcasts, webinars, pictures, video, social bookmarking site--ex. digg, social networking sites--ex. facebook,.

A series of blogs is the best way to take part in this conversation. Blogs trail search engines as the main source for information when making a product-purchasing decision. You do not need any technique training and there is no cost to blogging, however it requires a great deal of time and effort researching the internet and writing.

The visible danger is human error and malice in content of data, also someone on twitter last night said there is a virus on facebook and MySpace. My brother won't even make anymore friends on MySpace because when he does the computer has a warning.

Is it worth all the time it takes to research and do? I have been doing "social networking" for 2 months and I have made 1 sale on my Avon Representative website. This may not sound like much but I haven't spend any money on a marketing budget like I do with my direct mail campaign. However I am always working and my family wonder if I am going to come out of my office when I'm not visiting customers. Everyone who is successful says it takes time, months to see real results. So patience really is a virtue.

Future entries will cover each part of social media.

What are your experience with the social media applications? Please comment below.

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